Techno DJs

The music entertainment industry is gimage10oing big especially in Europe. New genres of songs continue to emerge every day with billions of euros being invested in satisfying the growing need of better music form clubs to weddings, house parties; discos name it. In the middle of the industry is the Dj who play and remix the music, making them better to dance and listen to .Techno DJs are quite popular in the UK.

There have been a huge concert held not the musician as the centre figure but the DJs themselves. However, the public still gets it wrong and have created stereotypes about techno DJ. Below are the common ones.

Dj are not real musicians

This train of though is popular to those who do not care to invest their time in music. The fact is Dj have giant music knowledge than you could imagine. This is one of their basic skill where they perfect it by learning the BPM (beat per minute) to match one song with others.

Techno Dj is popular with remix .they are more musical that some pop artist .they spend hours of their free time arranging music and creating the set to suit a specific type of audience.

Dj have all song in their library

For the old school Dj, maybe.However, things have changed, and that is why there are distinct categories of Dj. If you check a techno Dj playlist, you will be surprised as they have a particular genre of music, one that flows well with their careers.

Dj should always take audience form the audience

You walk to the Dj booth and make a request; there is nothing wrong with that but one your request could be off and two you have to be patient. Techno mixing takes skill, and if the Dj knows well, the song will do more damage than good it is better to forego it.

Dj are party animals who do drugs and love going home with girls

Sure their work environment suggest so but it’s a job, and to the professionals, they have a rule which they abide by, strictly. You will be surprised that a Dj does more cups of coffee in their lifetime than a person sitting in a corporate office.

There is only one type of DJ

Specialisation has kicked in most careers, and Djing is not left behind. Check to see the long list of DJs types.