To achieve the set goal, an institution must pool a taskforce that has the quality to rise to occasion such fast market change and financial struggles. Human resources department and other top managers are the ones mostly used as the board for hiring employees. However, in the recent past the market is flooded with candidates where most lack fundamental skills to be integrated in business taskforce. This comes from illegitimate certificates where recruitment of such personnel leads to detrimental effect to the entire organization. This has therefore made it quite cumbersome to getting the best applicants hence the need to outsource recruitment professionals.

Some of process used.

After a contract is negotiated this outsourced recruitment service providers follow strategic steps to get the best workers and also ensure equality for jobseekers.


This is the first step where they identify new opportunities being created or from the changing nature of our work. Documents are made to capture the job specifications or descriptions attracting the ideal candidate. This are later posted in media and other professional publications. We also seek external recruitment agencies help when looking for rare candidates.


The submitted curriculum vitae or Résumé from candidates are screened and shortlisted .Various mental tests are carried out to determine the literacy of applicant and we filter them basing on their performance. During this process diversified the qualification criteria just like multinational organization are used and they include recognizing skills such as communication and team leadership .The reason why this nonacademic skills are used is because they reflect how well the applicant will fit in the prevailing work culture.

Internal and external recruit.

Various approaches are conducted in reinforcing the taskforce. One of them internal recruitment which involve choosing candidates from inside the company which act as a form of career development. This approach is ideal as the trust and cost is quite low.

The second one is house approach targeting the external candidates where the specified job is permanent or temporary.


Seeking employment agency service which comes with a fee which can be paid a certain percentage of employee salary. This is done after the candidate is presented with the stipulated time.

Specializations in this companies.

Some of this companies use niche recruiting which narrow to very specific skill set which makes the qualified candidates more aware of our presence .This is mostly done online and in case we involve other contingency fee is paid up upon presenting the candidate. When compared to other general recruitment companies their prices for hiring them is quite high due to additional expenses such as advance payment particularly in seeking executive levels staff.


In head hunters it involve a third party who seeks candidates for executive and professional positions. They operate independently and when they met with candidates they prepare them for interviews increasing their chance of getting hired .One advantage of hiring this agency is that they have strong database with various companies for prospective recruits in the future hence are quick in submitting upon your request.

As a job seeker some of the way to contact them is through e-recruitment or traditional agency which involves a physical location and candidates presents themselves for interviews. Basically, this recruitment service providers act an intermediary between firms and job seekers.