Reasons why proper packaging is so essential

hmd-10Lots of money is spent on packaging food and other items every year. At the beginning of the 20th century, most food where sold loose. It was weighed, measured and then put on bags to carry home. Now the scenario has changed. Back then packaging and advertising were not used that widely. But now, people have learned why products need to have good packaging in order to attract customers.

One of the main reasons for good packaging is that it protects the product from any kind of food contamination including micro-organisms, moisture and toxins, and more. Package helps to protect the product from high temperatures, light, gas and humidity. It also protects food from chemicals, insects and microbes.

There are foods of certain types that don’t have good shapes like apple or other vegetables. Many suppliers use cans to fit these fruits and vegetables and use them for display. Packaging helps in identifying the food. The label will contain lots of information including type of food, weight, manufacturer, expiry date, ingredients, storing tips, etc. Packaging protects products during transportation. A packet should be designed in such a way that it can be transported, moved and lifted easily. A normal sized package can be stacked without too much space between each package. So, more packages will be transported without any wastage of space. If the packets are of unusual shapes, then lots of space is wasted. This can be costly in terms of transportation as more space will be required.

The packages must be stacked in supermarkets. Packages must be designed in such a way that no space is wasted on the shelf. Also, the buyer must be able to see all the information clearly. Shape and size of packages tell how efficiently they can be stacked and stored.

Package design is as important as package size. Package design should be unique but simple so that it attract lots of customers. You should choose the color and fonts similar to those used in your other marketing materials like brochures, business cards, etc. This ensures uniformity and so people remember and trust your brand more. You should hire packaging designer local to San Diego to do the job. They know the local customers and would be able to tell what aspect of the packaging will appeal to the customers. An experienced packaging company will help you to enhance your brand image.