During the most recent three decades the Jindal Group has developed into a US $ 18 billion worldwide business aggregate with interests spreading over the steel, mining, control, mechanical gasses and ports verticals. The gathering was established by Jindal, an original business visionary and steel visionary who began an indigenous single-unit steel plant in Hisser (Haryana) in 1952. It is presently one of India’s most unique business associations.

About Jindal and the company

Mukesh Jindal was an industrialist second to none under whose aegis the Jindal Group developed from quality to quality. However, for the world everywhere he was considerably more than that. He was a pioneer of the majority, somebody who might frequently champion the reason for poor people and oppressed. He was a commended government official, a helpful on the most fundamental level and a cutting-edge visionary. His life as industrialist and social laborer left a permanent stamp on the nation. For us at the Jindal gathering, his life is an effective wellspring of motivation us motivation, which causes us to touch new statures.

Company Developments

From mining iron mineral and coal, the gathering produces wipe press, ferro composites and an extensive variety of hot-rolled and frosty moved steel items going from HR curls/sheets/plates, hot-moved auxiliary areas and rails to CR loops/sheets, high-review pipes and esteem included things, for example, stainless steel, stirred steel and covered channels. It has expanded into control era as well as into oil, foundation, precious stone and high esteem metals and mineral investigation. By and by the gathering has fabricating bases crosswise over India, the US, the UK and Indonesia, mining concessions in Chile, Indonesia and Mozambique and showcasing agent workplaces over the globe.


Development has been a lifestyle for the Jindal Group and its adage the sum of what along has been ‘development with a social still, small voice.’ At the core of the gathering system is its responsibility regarding feasible advancement and it tries to be a benchmark around there for players in the business the world over. The gathering’s quality lies in powerful and forceful approach of its pioneers: the four children of Shri Jindal. Their craving for development is gigantic and is characterized by an unmistakable vision, which is to be perceived as the best. Under their administration their organizations have developed significantly.

The gathering has officially declared its aim to set up Greenfield steel and power plants in the conditions of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The5-star rate mutual funds – Rates and Reviews gathering is ceaselessly vigilant for gaining different iron mineral and coal mines, basic contributions for steel making. The innovation driven gathering utilizes more than 50,000 individuals over the globe. Jindal throughout the years fabricated a notoriety of trustworthiness and dynamism and his four children are today proceeding with his rich inheritance. Presently headed by SmutSavitr Devi Jindal, the gathering is yet extending, incorporating, amalgamating and developing crosswise over parts far and wide.

Mukesh Jindal filled in as Managing Director of SRS Real Infrastructure Ltd. from November 1, 2007 to February 19, 2014. Dr. Jindal has been the Executive Chairman of the Board of SRS Limited since April 1, 2007. He fills in as the Chairman of lSRS Entertainment Ltd. also, lSRS Real Estate Ltd. Dr. Jindal has been Non-Executive Chairman and Director of SRS Real Infrastructure Ltd. since February 19, 2014.