It is not easy to adapt our grandparents to the Internet

image 10Most of older people that I know do not know that actually buying something is very simple. Before, it was more complicated and not so flexible. But changing the minds of our grandparents is difficult, they still do not adapt to the existence of commerce through the Internet. At present, a hot air gun shop online in India or a clothing store online in China can be found quickly from a mobile phone or a computer with a connection to the Internet due to the existence of websites of companies that are dedicated to selling what other companies produce.

Everything you need is on sale on the Internet. This modern mechanism is called e-commerce, which has many advantages for customers. This type of trade has had a great development due to the evolution of technology in recent years. Today, there isn’t a company or a store that hasn’t conceived the promotion of their products on the Internet. E-commerce has allowed companies to have customers around the world and people can buy a product or service that they need from home.

For young people following terms: the Internet, e-commerce, electronic transaction, websites, mobile phones and computers are in our vocabulary since we were born and it is almost impossible to live disconnected from the world or lack the Internet.

We have to understand that today life is digital and every day the technology imposes more difficult challenges, but services oriented to clients have higher quality and are focused on the people’s satisfaction. We can also understand our parents and grandparents if they don’t want to adapt to current conditions and want to maintain traditional trading mechanisms. Although there are older people who are integrated into the Internet age, the attitude of us, young people, must be to help them, thinking that we will be the parents and grandparents of the future.