How to search the best local temperature controlled couriers

imag-10Trawling through the internet in search of the best local temperature controlled couriers is a daunting task. You have to go through a long list of the courier company followed by individual review of the companies to know which to trust.

How to go about the selection process

The best thing to do is use online courier marketplace designed to make the selection process easier for both the companies and couriers. Every transport service is available on such web sites starting with the local companies all the way up to huge companies such as eBay deliveries and European haulage.

To find a local courier, you post a free listing on the website. It takes minutes to few seconds to get the courier for a specific item depending when you need to move it. The selection process is a bit tedious when there a large item is involved. Once the listing is completed, you will be recommended the best courier service company to use.


The website is accessed by both customers and the refrigerated companies. Once you post the item to be transported, they will give their quotes considering other factors you will select the most suitable. These companies range from local courier to commercial freight companies. You will be able to view their price quotes without having to contact or reviewing their websites.

The competitive nature of the bidding process is beneficial to the customers. However, it is best not to judge with price rather the companies profile. Check some of their reviews from past client to know the kind of service to expect. Also, compare quotes based on deliveries time scales.

Delivery time

Some companies are professional, and at their level, they make regular deliveries. If you choose such companies, your item will be delivered a day after submitting it. Others companies are a bit slow due to fewer customers and can take up to a week to deliver an item especially if the destination is not so popular with other clients.

For business people, this factors is as crucial as the price. Late deliveries as a huge blow to any business.


Refrigerated vehicles are unique vehicles. They can either be truck or vans. If you deal with huge items, you need to consider a company with trucks. The baseline is, their refrigerating equipment should be in good condition so as to deliver your item in perfect condition.

Other factors include distant of delivery and how they handle their customers not forgetting insurance covers.