How to dress like a skater

jerem-10The signature style of a skater is scraped knees and elbows and ripped jeans. This style is referred to as ‘cool’ by today’s generation. Skateboarding fashion is very popular now. There are many stores out there that sell kaos distro original. The fashion magazines are covering up this new fashion. You will see skateboard models in fashion shows, billboard ads, and posters. This fashion has gone mainstream now. The young people are following this trend and the demand for skateboard clothing is increasing.

If you don’t know how to dress up like a skateboarder then here are some tips for you. You should make sure that you stand out from others when you dress up as a skater. You don’t necessarily have to follow the others. You can have your own style and be bold. You shouldn’t carry a skateboard everywhere you go. If you walk around your school with a board in your hand doesn’t make you a skater. You can buy any jeans you want. It is not mandatory to buy jeans from skating brands as these will be quite expensive. Many skaters wear jeans from renowned brands like Levi’s, Wrangler and Lee. Don’t overdo anything because you should maintain your look as a skater and not a cowboy.

You should choose pants that are not restrictive. Skater styles are either very tight pants or very loose-fitting pants. But they may hamper your performance. You should choose something in between so that you can perform your tricks well. You should try the pant out and test it on your board on the road. If you are more concerned about the style than the function, you should go for the extreme fit jeans.

You should wear T-shirts that has less graphic. Most T-shirts are screen printed with graphic design. Oversized hoodies that zip up gives you a casual look. It will keep you warm during winter. You can also wear plaid flannels on top of T-shirts as well for a different look.

You should wear flat-soled shoes that have a good grip. This will keep them on the board when they perform tricks. The shoes must offer flexibility. You don’t have to worry about keeping your shoes clean as a real skater’s shoes will get ripped up always.

Skater fashion is extremely popular today. Skaters do care about their looks and styles, but they are more concerned about their functionality and the practical aspect of it. Authentic skateboard clothing includes both style and functionality.