Holiday to Truly Asia

It’s Holiday ! Wondering where to go? How to planimage10? Well, if you want to Experience truly Asia, then visit Malaysia. As the word says “Truly Asia” you can experience all the diversified culture, food, language, landscape, nightlife, history & its heritage.  Get brief idea by the following:

  1. Diversified culture – Malaysia have got three main tribe that is – Malay, Chinese, Indians. Apart from these three tribes of people one can find people from all other region of Asia. it feels truly awesome to meet all kind of people under one roof.
  2. Language – Main language spoken is Malay, Chinese which includes mandarin and Cantonese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and of course English as common language. But some time it may be difficult to find English speaking people.
  3. Food – well, the movement anyone hear the word food, mouth start to water. Malaysia has this varied food for foodies and travellers. You get to experience from all type of sea food till steam food which usually called as Stem Boat. Steam Boat is the traditional Malaysian food where it brings the mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian. So don’t forget to Try Steam Boat in Malaysia.
  4. Indian Food is available at any time 24/7 in Malaysia at any shop called “mama kaadie” – which most of the population enjoy eating Indian food in banana leaf. Mouth watering spices of Indian cuisine will add extra taste to your taste buds.

Reading the Richness available in Malaysia, you may want to spend your holiday time at Malaysia. If yes, then book cheap business class flight to Asia. Having rich experience during your travel is equally important. Business class flights are always expensive and everyone think they can’t afford. But now you don’t have to worry, you can experience business class which is at it’s best luxury. More space and comfortable seats, extra space for your legs to relax, immediate assistance when required. Imagine how awesome your journey will be. So we have made your travel rich and comfortable so let’s see what more you can experience in “Truly Asia”.

  1. Adventures – Someone who Love to take challenge and experience adventures then all type of adventures are at one place. From mountain climbing till deep sea diving is available in this country. You don’t have to think of different place for adventures trip.
  2. Transport – Anybody will be worried about transport facility once reach the holiday destination. Malaysia it’s dead easy, you get mono rail, bus transport, self drive cars, rental cars, taxis and also easy flights.

Sure one would not want to wait to plan this trip . Have a great time in “Truly Asia” – Malaysia.