Health benefits of chocolates

chocolat-10Chocolates are very appealing and they are delicious. They give you a momentary mood lift. You don’t need to hard sell chocolates. People like them anyway. Many people say that chocolate makes you fat, it damages your teeth, etc. But you need to take some amount of chocolate and get great health benefits from it.

Chocolates are actually healthy if you eat the right type of chocolates. The candy bars in the grocery store checkout lane are not good ones. The greatest health benefits are found in products that have 70% dark chocolate or higher cocoa levels. Chocolate provides healthy teeth. When you eat antioxidant-rich chocolate, it leads to smoother skin. You get skin that is less dried out and more resistant to sunburn. When you eat chocolate consistently for 12 weeks you reduce moisture loss in skin by 25%. By eating dark chocolates you increase your protection against the UV rays. Cocoa helps to boost blood circulation.

You get healthier teeth by eating dark chocolates. Sugar in the chocolate damages the teeth. But dark chocolates have no sugar or very little sugar content. Cocoa actually protects the teeth. They have antibacterial compounds that inhibit the formation of plaque and biofilms. Dark chocolate reduces cravings. Dark chocolate is rich in protein and fiber. A standard size dark chocolate bar has 4 gms of fiber and 8 to 9 grams of protein. Research has shown that those who eat 85% dark chocolate had a significant drop in the appetite level. Dark chocolate stimulates the production of anti-hunger hormone known as ghrelin.

Eating dark chocolates can give you a healthy heart. Cocoa butter is found to be good for heart. Cocoa has many anti-inflammatory compounds that help in fighting chronic vascular inflammation. It improves the flexibility in blood vessels and so reduces blood pressure. Chocolate improves the blood circulation of the brain so improves your ability to focus. Dark chocolates can reduce anxiety. Chocolates can help in boosting your per-exercise energy levels and reducing post-workout pain. It helps you to get energized at work.

You will find bulk chocolate outlet in your area. You can go to the superstores or local groceries to buy chocolates as well. Online is also a good option to buy chocolates. So, when choosing chocolate makes sure that it contains high amount of cocoa content. These chocolates have great health benefits that you shouldn’t ignore.