Catalog designer local to San Diego

image-10Need to boost your creativity in catalogue design? How about using some of the best templates to easy the work. Below are the recommended templates by catalog designer local to San Diego.

Multipurpose creative template

It is an A4 size professional brochure template and is a perfect way to make a good impression. It has 32 pages to fill .the style is minimal delicate and modern which is ideal for designers, photography, art and fashion projects.

Flat design template

The brochure template has been created using popular flat design trend. The colourful superhero character design adds a welcoming atmosphere for any potential client.

Branding identity guideline template

If you have already created branding identity and want to show off each part of the catalogue design process, this template could be what you need. It has 38 pages of customisable pages at your disposal.

Social media print template

If you want to showcase your social media skills, this brochure template is your answer. Working in a trifold style, this template is organized and layered in the right places. There are also additional business cards measuring nine by 5.5cm which seamlessly work with the design.

A5 template

If you seek something compact, the A5 catalogue template will slip into the bag of all important new clients where you get to showcase all your brilliant creative work. There is a large space allocated to the imagery which is a nice break from many of other text-stuffed templates.

Fashion catalogue template

The template has print dimensions of 8.25 by 11.6 and CMYK colours allowing your work to speak for itself. The large space of the logo design at the front is eye-catching to prospective clients while the minimal style proves in showcasing the content in a clean and conscience manner.

Trend steer catalogue

It is a typography –heavy template which works great to most designers. At just a cost of $11, you get 16 pages to put your content. The template is easy to customize making it one of the best brochure in the market.

Business portfolio catalogue

It is a beautiful and printable template bets to use in creating a personal business portfolio. Text and images are easy to customize with file included in the download.

Portfolio pocket

Need to showcase your work in print form, then check out this 22-page template from Graphic River. It is best for photographers, designers and creative agencies. The brochure is easy to modify and cost just $8.