Can I get a PMP certificate in Nigeria?

project management 10Project Management Professional (PMP) is a profession that is receive international recognition. The number of certified project management professional is still low worldwide. In Nigeria the courses was recently introduced and professional with project management skills are still in high demand.To be certified the individual have to sit for several exams one been a bachelor degree and field practice to gain experience and additional weeks of project management education.

The course entail initiating projects, planning the project, executing it, monitoring and control and finally closing the project. The above process are also the framework that embodies project management process .Mapped from the above stages knowledge areas covered include ; project integration management, project cost management and project risk management. Other areas covered include procurement management, time management, communication management and stakeholder management.

Purpose of the course in Nigeria
Commercial entities and government organization employ certified project management managers to try and improve the success rate. This in enabled by integrating standardized and other project management principle covered in project management book (PMBOK).

Below are some of the PMP Training course that one can enroll to be a competent project management professional.

Technological management.
With the spontaneous world change in technology, Nigeria has incorporated the course in most of the tertiary institutions. The reason for having this managerial course is to enable both IT professional and managers learn about the emerging issues in technology niche. During the course, the student gets to learn about leadership and management, specifically on technology.

Bachelor degree in entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is what brings about job creation. Enrolling for this course equips you with skills to identify viable business opportunity in the market which can be used to generate income. After successful completion, the candidate is also in a position to provide leadership in developing the country in terms of economy and social perspective.

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
The course is globally equips the individual with important business skills and knowledge to run a business related managerial theories with industrial practice to give the student an in-depth knowledge on management. Most of the institutions offer the course on a time duration of 18nmonths.

Project management professional
This course deals with planning, organizing as well as managing resources to bring success on projected goals and objectives. In the Nigeria, the several huge project has failed, and the introduction of this courses is aimed in bringing up competent candidates that will spearhead the country towards sustainable development.

The module equips the student with skills and characters that are essential in effective leadership. Leadership course is a hands-on and interactive module using real life scenarios to come up with better leadership skills. It specializes on candidates in need of business skills.